I found it at the Tideline-1


Exuberance – like a child at the beach – I will carry my treasure with me, forever.

MEDIUM: Graphite, Ink, Pen
DIMENSIONS: 445 x 365mm

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Tales from the shore- such a delicious invite to the imagination- I am drawn to shipwrecked artefacts, in this case porcelain bowls which in turn led me to ladies in vintage swimwear. The sea is a treasure chest of secrets and stories which it “selectively” regurgitates onto the shore at high tide- waiting to be explored by the inquisitive soul who timelessly wanders its shores. In these works the vintage ladies add a fun element to these discovered treasures – the delight of finding something interesting and weaving your own tale around it! They are “diving” into the pleasure of these finds! This is a visual reflection on my own delight as a child when I discovered something on the beach that touched my soul. This series of 3 works are all inspired by the above.

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