This painting depicts a Blombos from the Metalasa genus of the Fynbos family. Inspired by the herringbone pattern created by the vertical woolly stems and diagonal needle-like leaves. The urgent dense brushstrokes represent the wish to grow. With an overfull canvas that is dominated by the form of the shrub striving to fill the negative space.

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There is a Blombos form Keurbooms that grows in my garden, each afternoon the setting sun bounces sun beams of the little white umbrella heads. Selecting stems to illuminate in a showcase of warm light and cool shadows. This painting is inspired by the straight lines of the woolly stems with their cross hatching of leathery needle-like leaves alternating upwards in little clusters. Ending in flat topped flowerheads that create a sunlit stage for pollinators and various insect performers. I hoped to capture this moment in my painting.

Dimensions 600 × 900 mm
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