Speldekussing om 16:00


Speldekussing om 16:00″ (Pincushion at 16:00) is a cyanotype capturing the long shadows of a pincushion protea and glass-headed pins late afternoon.”

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It was mid-afternoon when the artist spotted a shrub of orange and yellow pincushion proteas while stopped at a busier than usual intersection. While proteas are often seen at florists, ones in the wild” are a rare sight in Johannesburg. The garden shears the artist forgot to take out of the car came in very handy… On the drive home the artist, who is also an avid sewist and a lover of words and wordplay, remembered the box of yellow glass-headed pins that had not yet made their way to her pincushion. And just before the sun dipped behind the neighbours’ house, she caught the long shadows of the late afternoon in “Speldekussing om 16:00″ (Pincushion at 16:00).”

Dimensions 160 × 230 mm
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