Gia: Greek Goddess of Earth


The artwork is a celebration of the Earth’s natural beauty and resilience.

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Fynbos, with its array of vibrant and delicate flora, faces a constant cycle of destruction and rebirth through wildfires. It is in these moments of rebirth that Gaia’s presence is felt most profoundly. She watches over the land, nurturing the seeds of fynbos and guiding the tiny custodians of life—the ants and other insects—who diligently collect and protect these seeds within their nests.

As the flames subside and the ashes settle, Gaia whispers to the ants, guiding them to release the seeds back into the soil. It is then that the fynbos awakens, painting the landscape with its vibrant colours once more. In this symbiotic dance between Earth’s goddess and her humble insect companions, life flourishes anew.

Dimensions 240 × 240 mm
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