Sea Umbrellas


The inspiration behind this piece speaks from the heart of the ocean, a jelly fish gracefully unfurls its umbrella shaped tendrils and creates a living masterpiece. Keeping it simple to highlight the beautiful natural forms.

MEDIUM: Acrylic on canvas
DIMENSIONS: 600 x 600mm

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At the heart of this captivating piece lies the inspiration drawn from the depths of the ocean, where a jellyfish unfurls its umbrella-shaped tendrils, crafting a living masterpiece that resonates with simplicity and grace. The simplicity in the artwork serves as a deliberate choice, allowing the inherent beauty of the jellyfish to take center stage. Each undulating tendril, meticulously depicted, tells a story of the ocean’s poetic elegance, emphasizing the natural artistry that unfolds as the jellyfish moves through the water. Inviting viewers to appreciate the intricate dance of form and function in this mesmerizing creature from the depths of the sea.

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