Embers of Majesty


“Embers of Majesty” captures the fiery drama of a sunset seascape. This A2 open edition print printed on to fine art archival paper features a rocky shoreline leading to a majestic mountain, enveloped in a sky ablaze with red and yellow hues—a vivid testament to nature’s awe-inspiring spectacle.

MEDIUM: fine art archival paper
DIMENSIONS: 420 x 594mm

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“Embers of Majesty” is a visual symphony of color and contrast, showcasing the dramatic beauty of a sunset seascape. In this A2 open edition print, the rocky shoreline serves as a textured path leading the viewer’s gaze toward a commanding mountain silhouette, while the sky above is painted in a vivid palette of red and yellow. Printed on fine art archival paper, “Embers of Majesty” preserves the intricate details of the rocky foreground, the majestic midground mountain, and the celestial masterpiece unfolding in the sky. The print is framed to enhance its visual impact, providing an elegant presentation that complements the grandeur of the scene. As an open edition print, “Embers of Majesty” invites a broad audience to experience the dynamic beauty of nature’s transitions. Each print is signed, establishing a personal connection between the viewer and the emotive landscape captured in this moment. This piece encapsulates the fleeting yet eternal magic of a sunset, where the play of light and shadow transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. “Embers of Majesty” is an invitation to witness and contemplate the spectacular symphony of nature, a timeless reminder of the beauty that surrounds us.

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